Pawesome Playtime: 10 DIY Eco Pet Toys!

Pets are not just animals, they are our companions, and we love to see them happy and playful. One of the best ways to entertain our furry friends is to provide them with toys. However, pet toys can be expensive, and the ones made of plastic may not be safe for our pets or the environment. That’s why we have gathered 10 DIY eco-friendly pet toys that you can make at home with materials you already have. Get ready to have some pawesome playtime with your pets!

Get your furry friend wagging with these eco-friendly toys!

1. T-Shirt rope toy

Cut an old T-Shirt into long strips, braid or knot them together, and voila, you have a durable and chewable rope toy for your dog to tug and play.

2. Sock mouse

Fill an old sock with stuffing or catnip, tie it with a string, and you have a playful mouse toy for your cat to chase and bat around.

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